Where to find the best face paints

Face painting has become a huge and major trend among youths in today’s world we live in. Almost every well planned children party that you’re invited to has a clown that host and entertains the guest. And it is no surprise that these clowns have a funny costume that they put on and who can miss the makeup that they put on their face; the essence of the face painting is to ignite fun and a sense of warmth into the atmosphere.

Now there are lots of brands that deal in face painting and have products that satisfy the needs of the customers, whether it is for the theater or just for fun. There are different types of face paints which are the Glycerin based paints, Wax based paints, Powder based paints, Cream Based Paint and Greased Based Paints.

One of the major brands that have extensive experience in face painting is the Snazaroo brand. The snazaroo face paints brand deal mostly with glycerin based paints, which is water activated. Among others are the Mehron’s Paradise, Kryolan’ Aquacolors as well as FAB.

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